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"Visible" Quality Standard

On 26th May 2010, GHS Enterprise was one of seven faith based organisations that met with their appointed mentors at Community Matters for an intensive training day to enable them to begin work on the VISIBLE quality standard.

The seven projects represent a spread of faith groups from across the country. They include Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christian groups and a multifaith organisation. They are drawn from rural and urban settings stretching from the North West to far South West. Their mentors are Faith Based Regeneration Network special advisers appointed for their experience of working with faith based groups, their knowledge of organisational processes and their understanding of quality standards.

The pilot project gives faith based organisations the opportunity to trail VISIBLE. VISIBLE is a quality standard produced for and by the local community under the ownership of Community Matters. The standard takes seven key themes against which a community organisation can assess its delivery. A Visible organisation is:

You can download a PDF document about the project here. (5MB)

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The GHS Enterprise team, receiving the awardIn March 2008, the Gujarat Hindu Society’s not-for-profit business, GHS Enterprise Limited, was named as Social Enterprise of the Year in the Northwest Ethnic Minority Business Forum Awards. The GHS Centre management team received this prestigious accolade at a special ceremony held at the City of Manchester Stadium.

The Northwest Ethnic Minority Business Forum was established by the Northwest Regional Development Agency and its annual awards are intended as a means of recognising and rewarding the huge contribution that BME individuals and businesses make to the regional economy. The evening ceremony took place on 13th March and was hosted by BBC1’s regional news presenter Ranvir Singh.

The Social Enterprise of the Year award is presented for outstanding success in setting up an organisation managed by and for a community. GHS is a registered charity that in 2004 made the innovative decision to set up a social enterprise that would raise income to support charitable activities. In this, the company has been very successful. It is founded within a faith community group that maintains its cultural and social values whilst engaging with the wider community by providing facilities normally offered by hotel and conference centres.

The group also provides information, advice and training to community groups, public sector authorities and other organisations about a wide range of issues including health, education and both social and cultural well-being. Its operations are overseen by a professional management team that understands the importance of community cohesion and of breaking down cultural barriers.

Chair of the Forum, Dr Nighat Awan OBE, said: “These businesses have brought to the forefront the immense talent, innovation and ingenuity that exists and demonstrates the very positive elements of cultural diversity that the North West is proud of. The black and minority ethnic business population in this region has made a significant contribution to the regional economy and these awards recognise their achievements for the first time on a regional level.”.

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